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1. How can I Check-in Online?
You can check-in online in your Online Check-in & Top-up account - Doing your check-in at the gates of the festival it will cost you 25 euros.

2.Can I get my wristband before the festival?
Get your General Access, VIP Access or Day 1 festival wristband from Central Park at the Hungarian Opera entrance, between 1-2 August, 15:00-22:00.

3. Where do I get my wristband during the festival?
Get your festival wristband between 3-6 august 15:00 - 04:00 from Central Park at the Hungarian Opera entrance.

4. What do I need to get my wristband?
In order to get your festival wristband, you will have to present:
The ticket (PDF or printed)
ID or passport
Parental consent (if you are underage)

5. Where is the acces point?
If you own a GA wristband, you can enter the festival from Central Park, Hungarian Opera entrance.
If you own a VIP wristband, you can enter the festival from Central Park, Hungarian Opera entrance through the special VIP line.

6. If I’m a minor, do I have to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult?

Access is free for children under the age of 7.
Minors over the age of 7 need a ticket, as well as the parental agreement. ( and valid ID.
Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times during the festival.

7. Can I get a ticket at the festival entrance?

9. When can I come to the festival?
Access on festival grounds starts at 16:00 every festival day.

10. How many times a day am I allowed to enter the festival?
Twice, to avoid congestion at the access points and to minime discomfort.

11. Day tickets - how long are they valid for?
Day tickets are valid for an entire festival day, from 16:00 to 05:00.

12. Where can I find the stages schedule?
You can check the schedule on, on the UNTOLD official app, where you can also craft your own lineup with your favorite artists.

13. Will the festival be streamed online?
We will make online streams on the UNTOLD social media accounts. You can check out the full schedule here .

14. Can I top up my wristband before the festival?
You can top-up your wristband online anytime you want. Just go to your Online Check-in & Top-up account. There will also be Credit Points in the area of the festival.

15. Can I pay cash or with my card when I top up?
Credit Points take both cash and card.

16. I topped-up my wristband yesterday. Is it valid today?
Your top-up is valid for the entire duration of the festival.

17. What type of card can I use to top-up my wristband at the location?
You can pay using any card issued by Mastercard, Visa or Amex, no matter the currency.

18. There is money left on my wristband. How can I get a refund?
The amount left on your wristband can be refunded at any Credit Point inside the festival area, anytime during the festival, but no later than August 7, between 08:00 - 17:00. If you choose to request your refund at a Credit Point, make sure you are wearing your wristband and it hasn’t been damaged or compromised.
If you topped up your wristband online, you could opt for an online refund instead. Simply go to your Online Check-in account area and you’ll find a refund form you need to fill in until August 11 the latest. The available amount will be refunded on your bank account no later than 14 days. The minimum threshold for the online refund is 10 RON. All smaller amounts will be refunded on festival grounds.
If you want your leftover cash to do a really good deed, you can choose to donate the leftover amount to “Spitale publice din bani privați” (Public hospitals with private money”). This project is coordinated by the Metropolis Foundation and supported by UNTOLD.

19. What objects can I carry? What objects are forbidden?
Crutches - yes
Baby stroller - yes
Pets - no
Flags - yes, but not if it’s suspended on a flagstaff
Water - no, you can get water at the food courts
Spray - no
Pills - yes, but if it’s not a coated tablet, you need to also bring a medical prescription for it
Special food if I’m intolerant/allergic to something - yes, accompanied by medical proof

20. Am I allowed to take my DSLR to the festival?
Only mirrorless cameras are allowed.

21. Will there be any lockers?
Yes, right next to the access point.
Festival goers can rent a locker on all festival days for a cost of 150 lei, or for one day of the festival for 50 lei.
They will also have to pay a guarantee on the key, worth 50 lei, which they will receive back when they return the key.

22. Can I carry cigarettes?

23. What’s the size of the luggage/backpack I’m allowed to carry in the festival?
Maximum 29 cm X 21 cm X 12 cm.

24. Do children have to wear noise killing headphones?
It is mandatory for children under the age of 3 to wear noise killing headphones. Children over the age of 3 are advised to wear them, but it’s not mandatory.

25. What is a Pass? How is it different from a day ticket?
UNTOLD Pass grants access to one person for all four festival days.
UNTOLD tickets grant access to one person for just one day.

26. Can I bring medications?
Access is allowed with insulin drops – for medicinal use, asthma inhaler spray if they are accompanied by a medical letter or a similar document and only in the maximum daily dose.

27. What is included in the VIP pass?
VIP Pass owners benefit from:
Access to a raised platform, specially designed for an excellent view of the Main Stage;
Premium Bar Access;
Possibility to book a table in the VIP lounge - booking is necessary;
Tapas & Finger Food Menu;
Dining & cocktail area;
The option to book VIP ULTRA tables, in a restricted area of the raised platform;
Special credit points for topping up wristbands;
Special moments designed by the festival’s partners;
The chance to meet the artists;
Extra security, both on the platform and at the entrance.

28. I own a transferred ticket. When do I get the ticket in my name?
You can enter the festival with a transferred ticket even if the name on the ticket is different than yours. The check-in, however, will have to be done in your name.
More information is available in the Terms and Conditions section .

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