30 July - 2 August 2020

Official Statement



These are exceptional times we live in. And in times like these, we always think about the ones we love: YOU!

During this period, we all have a lot of questions, we are all looking for answers. The only certainties are that, at this moment, UNTOLD festival is not canceled and it represents, this year, the hope and miracle in which many people still believe. At the same time, another certainty is the fact that the times we are living are truly exceptional. And, unfortunately, no one has the answer to the question – when is this crisis going to end?

We've read every single message you sent, we've understood your every concern and our hearts skipped a beat whenever a message of hope was sent our way.

As the organizers of the biggest festival in Romania, we have a responsibility to the tens of thousands of people who have placed their trust in us and have purchased their tickets for UNTOLD 2020. For them, we are doing everything in our power, as long as there will be the slightest hope, to meet again in the safest conditions this year. 

We assure you  we are fully aware of the hard times the entire planet is going through and we will fully respect all the measures and recommendations taken by our authorities, and put everyone’s health first.

We are all part of the UNTOLD story, no matter the chapter! We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with the best solution for you, one that allows all of us to keep our hopes up and in the same time minimize uncertainty and give you the safety and flexibility you deserve, so we can be together again, enjoying our best moments together at the right moment in time.


With all this in mind and you in our hearts, we have created the ANYTIME Pass, which will allow you to be part of yet another magical chapter, at any one of the following 3 editions, at your choice, regardless of the dates, be it this year or the next ones. 


All UNTOLD 2020 ticket categories can be upgraded to an ANYTIME Pass alternative, free of charge, within the next 10 days, by accessing your check-in account

The swap is also available for day-tickets.

For those of you who want to own an ANYTIME pass, you can go to


Thank you for being a part of the UNTOLD story! 

We stand UNITED,




UNTOLD 2020 preparations go on  

March 10th, 2020 

UNTOLD is a responsible organization, that has always put the safety of its fans first. With every edition we make, we closely collaborate with all the authorities, providing an example of security for events all over the world.     
It is important to understand and support the decisions of our authorities and take all the necessary measures, in the short term, concerning the Coronavirus. Right now, prevention is essential. We organize the most important event in Romania, we are aware of how big our fan’s expectations are. In order to be able to enjoy a summer full of events, we need to treat this situation objectively, with calm and responsibility. At this moment, everyone's safety is the most important thing to us all, so we are open to supporting in any way the efforts of our authorities. 

We are in permanent contact with the authorities and we are carefully watching the evolution of this situation with responsibility. For this reason, we advise everyone to read the news from trustful, authorized sources, to follow the recommendations of the authorities and to take into consideration all the preventive measures announced by authorities, in order to stop the spread of the virus. 

We want to assure our fans that our work for the most awaited festival in Romania – UNTOLD – is going further. We are optimists and we work intensive in the next 5 months, as we always did, to bring joy to the people in the summer when our festival will take place. 

We are confident that the measures taken both internationally and nationally by the authorities, in conjunction with the awareness of each human being, to respect the preventive and protection measures for everyone’s safety, will have a positive effect in the upcoming months.  

The UNTOLD Management Team