5-8 August 2021

FAQ 2021 Announcement










The sixth edition of the UNTOLD Festival has been officially postponed to 5-8 August 2021. According to the legal dispositions (EMERGENCY ORDINANCE no. 70 of 14 May 2020), all tickets purchased for the edition from 30 July - 2 August 2020 will be automatically valid for the 2021 edition. If you want to keep your ticket, no action on your part is required. However, in case you cannot participate in the 2021 edition, you will have 30 days from the date on which the Organizer announced the date of the rescheduled event, respectively from 26th November 2020, to request from The organizer a voucher, in the terms and conditions found here. (Link)

1. What are my options if I own an UNTOLD 2020 pass/ticket, that has not been swapped into an Anytime product?

Your UNTOLD 2020 pass/ticket will automatically become valid for UNTOLD 2021. If you want to cancel your 2021 pass/ticket, you will be able to opt for a voucher until 26th December 2020.

2. Who can opt for a voucher?

The holder of a valid pass/ticket which has not been swapped into an Anytime product can opt, only once, for the exchange of his pass/ticket into a voucher.

3. When can I opt for a voucher?

The holder of a valid ticket can opt for a voucher up to 26th December 2020.

4. How long is this voucher valid and what happens if I do not use this voucher?

According to Ordinance no. 70 of May 14th 2020, if the voucher will not be used until September 30th 2021, you will be able to request a refund of the same value until December 1st 2021. The organizer will refund the full value of this voucher until December 31st 2021. The terms and conditions of this voucher are subject to change if any legislative changes occur after 15 November 2020.

If you have not used your voucher until September 30th 2021 and you have not requested a refund until December 1st 2021, you will lose any rights conferred by this voucher.

5. What will be the value of this voucher?

The value of the voucher will be equal to the value paid by you for the ticket you turned into a voucher at the time of purchase.

6. If I opt for a voucher, can I return to this option later?

Once you opt for the voucher, you understand and accept that you waive all rights conferred by that ticket in favor of a voucher. If you have opted for a voucher, you cannot go back on the chosen option.

7. How can I opt for a voucher?

To opt for a voucher, you must log into your account from the Online Check In platform, here.

After logging in, select the option "Swap ticket to voucher" next to the ticket you want to change into a voucher and accept the Voucher Terms and Conditions.

After completing these steps, you will receive an email with the requested voucher. If the email does not appear in the Inbox section, please check the other folders, including Spam. If you don’t receive the email, please write us at [email protected].

At the same time, after completing the steps successfully, the voucher (its series and its value) will be displayed in the Online Check-in account, instead of the ticket.

8. For what purchases will I be able to use this voucher and under what conditions?

You can use the voucher until September 30th 2021 in one of these two ways:

For the purchase of a new UNTOLD 2021 pass;

For online top-up. You can use the voucher to top up the wristband for you or a friend, and make purchases on festival grounds during the event. Please be noted, if you don’t use the whole amount during the festival, the remaining value will not be reimbursed.

The voucher can only be used once, and it’s value must be spent in a single purchase (online top-up or a festival pass). If the value of the purchase is smaller than the value of the voucher, the customer understands that he cannot benefit from the rest of it.


9. Can this voucher be sold?

This voucher cannot be sold and can only be used to purchase UNTOLD services (ticket/pass to the UNTOLD Festival and online Top-up).

10. When and how can refund requests be sent, for unused vouchers?

The organizer will make refunds exclusively for:

a) those who requested the refund of the equivalent value of unused vouchers, between October 1st 2021 - December 1st 2021 by COMPLETING THE ONLINE FORM FOR REFUND from the website

b) ticket/passes holders who did not opt ​​for the voucher, but who were unable to participate in the 2021 Edition and show proof of this until the last day of the Festival, by sending an email to: [email protected]. In this email, the ticket holder will explain the factual situation and will mandatorily attach a document which clearly shows the impossibility of participating in the festival (certificate from the employer, medical certificate, etc.). Subsequently, the ticket holder will fill in the ONLINE REFUND FORM, between October 1st 2021 - December 1st 2021 on the website

11. When will the refunds be made?

According to the Government Ordinance no. 70 of 14.05.2020, art. 32, the event organizers will refund the value of the tickets between December 1st 2021 and December 31st 2021. In the event of new legislative changes, this period and any other aspects related to this procedure may be changed according to the new regulations.


12. What happens with the check-in process, depending on each choice?

If you choose to keep the purchased ticket, the check-in process made for the 2020 edition will remain valid for the 2021 edition.


13. If I have already paid the 15 EUR fee for the online check-in, will I be reimbursed with this fee in case I cancel the ticket?

You will be able to recover the full value of the ticket, but not the fee paid for the online check-in. The 15 EUR fee has been paid for a service adjacent to the ticket, which you have already benefited from.