4-7 August 2022

The time has come to celebrate the countdown to a brave new beginning full of big dreams.
Get ready to turn the last page of this year with us, as we dance our way into a new dawn. Get ready for DAY ONE.

Your favorite music, magically streamed to your speakers

Tune in on our Youtube channel and stream this exceptional show in the digital realm! The show starts at 22:00 sharp (GMT+3), so don’t forget to subscribe and turn on your notifications. You want to be there when the fireworks start!

Get ready for that midnight magic

You’ll be spending New Year’s Eve in excellent company and your living room is bound to become the best dance floor in the whole world!

22:00 - 22:59 Julian Jordan
23:00 - 23:58 NERVO
23:58 - 00:03 New Years Eve Fireworks
00:03 - 00:59 Quintino
01:00 - 02:00 Bassjackers

Surround yourself with friends from all over the world

Distance is nothing when you share the same joys and dreams. Zoom rooms will be open as soon as our show on Youtube begins, get your links from our Facebook & Instagram pages.
Shimmer and shine in your best New Year’s Eve outfit and dance the night away with friends around the globe.

Magic and a new beginning at PRO TV

As the year ends, we’re bringing the best music to your homes - not just on our Youtube channel, but also on PRO TV, starting 23:30 (GMT+3), during an exclusive show, alongside some of the best artists seen on the UNTOLD stages over the years.

Enjoy incredible performances by:
INNA (23:32 - 23:42)
Horia Brenciu (23:47 - 23:57)
Smiley (00:04 - 00:19)
Irina Rimes (00:30 - 00:40)
Grasu XXL (00:52 - 01:07)
DAVID GUETTA live from Paris (01:08 - 01:59)

Leave 2020 behind and only take away the new dance moves you practiced when nobody was watching.

Join us for DAY ONE and dance hard. Because this time everyone is watching!

Have a wonderful new year!