Getting There


The official language is Romanian language.

Most people will speak reasonably good English and will likely be proficient in one or more languages like German, French and Italian. Hungarian is a common language, spoken by the relatively large Hungarian minority.

By Train

The train is one of the easiest way to reach Cluj from Bucharest. There are train connections to most Romanian cities, including fast InterCity connections to Oradea, Arad, Timisoara, Brasov, Sighisoara, Ploiesti and Bucharest. Many trains to Budapest leave early in the morning. The average trip from Cluj to Bucharest or Budapest is around 8 hours. When planning a train trip in Romania, allow 2 hours for each hundred kilometres of journey.

By Plane

The International Airport of Cluj-Napoca has flights to/from Bucharest, Munich, London, Vienna, Milano/Bergamo, Bologna, Bari, Rome, Venice/Treviso, Paris/Beauvais, Brussels/Charleroi, Bratislava, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Geneva, Basel, Malmo, Nuremberg, Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund and Tel Aviv.

Airlines are Wizzair, TAROM, Lufthansa and BlueAir.

For budget European travellers, a cheap alternative is to fly to Budapest Ferihegy Airport with a low-cost company, and then shuttle to Cluj-Napoca. The shuttle takes six to eight hours to make the travel. Many companies travel this route. You can find shuttles from early morning till late night. Reservations have to be made in advance. Make sure you leave at least two hours between your flight arrival and the departure of the shuttle, to allow for any flight delays. Prices are around 60 to 80 RON (25 EUR).

Car rental by Avis, Budget, Europcar and several local providers is available, as well as on request by Hertz.

City transfer

The Airport of Cluj-Napoca has transport connections to downtown Cluj Napoca. To get there, travelers can choose between car rentals, taxi and public transport (trolleybus line No.5 with frequent service to the city centre). The trolleybus stop is close to the airport building (walk to the road in front of the airport and then turn right). There is a booth at the trolleybus stop selling public transport tickets (one ticket is for two journeys, 4 RON in total) as well as a ticket machine accepting coins, banknotes and credit/debit cards. It is not possible to buy a ticket at the driver. Ticket inspections are frequent on this route.

A regular taxi fare from the airport to the city center (about 10 km) is around 15-25 RON (4-6 EUR). Look only for company taxis and clearly ask the driver for the price! The airport is within Cluj-Napoca city limits and extra-urban charges should not be applied. In Romania the taxi (cab) should have a valid badge, and taximeter. Do not look for bargains, it's not worth it, the official rates are low!

By car

Cluj-Napoca has good road connections. European road E60 links it to Bucharest (450km about 6.30h by car) and Brasov to the south, Oradea and Budapest to the west, through Bors customs. E81 leads to Zalau and Satu Mare to the north, Brasov and Bucharest to the south. E58 links Cluj-Napoca to Dej, Bistrita, Baia Mare and Vatra Dornei. From Budapest to Cluj Napoca (470km about 6h by car)

By Bus

Cluj-Napoca can be reached by bus from Bucharest, major cities in Romania, most cities in Transylvania, and a number of major cities in Europe. Search for a route online

OrangeWays has modern but "low cost" style buses that circulate between Budapest and Cluj-Napoca. You can catch a bus to Cluj-Napoca from the Nepliget bus station in Budapest. Online booking available.

Royal GTS offers daily comfortable afternoon bus from Budapest Nepliget bus station stopping in Cluj before Billa supermarket in Mănăștur. This coach doesn't start in Cluj so phone reservation is necessary for the way back.

Eurobusways offers door to door transfers from any address in Budapest or Vienna airport, directly to address in Cluj Napoca, WiFi, english speaking drivers.

Minibus connections to Budapest have Huben, Optimus trans (online booking), President tour and Kolumbus Express Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses are mostly used for this way. Going by minibus is less comfortable but about 1 hour shorter than by large coach.

There are lot of another buses and minibuses connecting Budapest with Transylvania, which depart between late afternoon/late evening from Nepliget parking place (about 5 min by walk from the bus station). Just choose the best looking coach and ask, if they will take you to Cluj, as they may go another way or on the highway around Cluj but mostly they will agree. On they way back is necessary phone reservation or just between 19:00 and 21:00 passing bus stop before Billa supermarket in Mănăștur lot of coaches and minibuses on their way from another places in Transylvania. Just wait when some of them will come to pick up passengers with their phone reservation.

Key cities connecting to Cluj Napoca:

Bucharest, Romania
Distance from Bucharest: 450 km (about 6.30h by car)
Bucharest - Cluj Napoca Train
Bucharest - Cluj Napoca Bus

Budapest, Hungary
Distance from Budapest: 470km (about 6h by car)
Budapest - Cluj Napoca Train
Bucharest - Cluj Napoca Bus

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